River Island Haul

One of the things I wanted to achieve this year was my dress sense looking “expensive”. And by “expensive”, I mean effortlessly chic, clean, pristine, good quality – but most probably from high street stores…

One of the stores I have absolutely fallen in love with this season is River Island. I used to shop in there when I was younger, before I went to uni and could actually afford their clothing (it was never the cheapest). Whilst I was at uni I kinda fell out of love with River Island, maybe because all the clothes were too smart for my drunken antics?

Well, this year I have walked into River Island many times and just wanted to grab ONE OF EVERYTHING! It’s absolutely amazing in there at the moment! Although I’ve labelled this as a haul, I have to admit I have only purchased a few bits and bobs from here. However, what I have done is listed my favourite items from in store at the moment, hitch might give you some inspiration for your weekend/payday shopping.

Animal Prints

Ive been struggling recently with wearing jeans because I just don’t think they’re dressy enough for going out in, and I never have any nice tops to suit the “jeans and a nice top” dress code. So, when I went in store I stumbled across a lightly coloured snake print pair of jeans with cutaway ankles and I thought, these would work as a good alternative to normal jeans for said dress code.

The Cream Molly Snake Print Jeggings are perfect for winter and spring alike, matching nicely with jumpers and T-shirt’s, being able to dress them up and down with trainers, heels or boots.

My only reservation with these jeans are the price. I stopped buying Topshop jeans because of how expensive they were and the quality being quite poor, so I wasn’t too happy with paying £45 for a pair of jeans again. However, the quality of the jeans do seem really good, and the denim is nice and thick!


Flares are a trend that I thought I’d never take part in. Early last year they seemed to make a resurgence and I really didn’t see them taking off. Since coming back into fashion I’ve seen more and more brands use flares for smart outfits rather than casual and this is what attracted me to trying some on.

These Navy Button Wide Leg Trousers (also available in black) are perfect for work and the weekend alike. I tend to wear a cream roll neck with them as I feel like a shirt or baggy top might not compliment my figure, given that the trousers already flare out at the bottom. On my commute I pair them with my Carvela trainers, and switch to loafers when I get to work.


I fell in love with the Blue Geo Print Belted Blazer instantly when I saw it in the shop window. It was a little overbearing seeing it matched with the same patterned trousers (and shirt…), but I HAD to try it on when I saw it. I paired it with some leather look jeans, and no top underneath. Risky, right? WRONG!

It looked so nice with bare skin underneath it, and because it’s a tie up blazer you can pretty much cover up anything that needs to be. If you’re hesitant to wear nothing underneath it, why not try a lace body or lace trimmed cami top?

Priced at £60 I decided not to purchase this blazer, purely because I literally go nowhere fancy enough to wear it! I also feel like being such a bold item it would be one of those that you don’t want to wear twice, because once you’ve worn it and uploaded a pic to the gram, everyone else will remember it.


I am loving midi-skirts at the moment. They can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with trainers, so they work perfectly for the day to night essence of working in London.

I didn’t see the Khaki Bias Cut Midi Skirt originally, it was my friend who picked this one up. She tried it on with a logo print white top and it just looked dreamy. The way it fits is flattering to the figure, hugging the waist and staying close enough but far away enough from the legs to allow for room and to look free flowing. As if it wasn’t enough, it also comes in brown, black, blue, navy and snake print!


At my local store the shoes are towards the back of the shop near the fitting rooms, so as I approached with a few items I was shocked by the amount of shoes on offer that I really wanted! I’ve never been a massive fan of River Island shoes, but wow, their trainers at the moment are incredible.

I love white sneakers with bold designs, inspired by the Gucci white leather trainers, and I recently bought myself some Carvela by Kurt Geiger ones which I am completely running into the ground on the commute.

My trainers of choice would be the White Lace Up Side Stripe Trainers, White Studded Leopard Print Trainers and the Black Knitted Elastic Runner Shoes. They look like they’re great quality and really reasonably priced (around £30 each). I just want to know when they’ll be releasing some similar to the Alexander McQueens!

So, that’s my top 5 items in River Island at the moment! Want to share your recent purchases with me? You can find me @adventuresbylil on Instagram, where I post all blog related content!



New Years Thoughts…

As the New Year is already upon us, I thought it would be good to talk about New Years Resolutions. Rather than setting myself some unrealistic goals that I’ll never achieve, this year I’m reflecting and using my thoughts to process how I feel and to realise what I should be doing more of…


I took part in Veganuary last year as a trial to see how I’d get on with it, and I surprisingly loved it! Sadly, I didn’t stay Vegan after January, but I did incorporate more plant based recipes into my diet, and have mainly drank Soya Milk since. So, this year I thought why not do it again! Cooking Vegan is something I really enjoy, and it makes me feel ten times healthier, so that’s a win win for me.

It’s not too late to join me on the Veganuary hype. Find out more on the official Veganuary website.

Read more

I really enjoy reading but I always seem to slack with it, or I can’t find the right book, or I “never have the time to read” (she says whilst scrolling through Instagram). So this year I really want to read more. I’m currently reading “Then She Was Gone” by Lisa Jewell, and next on my list are:

Got any other suggestions? Pop your comments at the bottom of this post!

Do more yoga

If you follow my @lilliawalsh Instagram you will know that I do like to post about Yoga every now and then. When I lived in Nottingham I had enough space to practice Yoga in my flat, but since moving to Derby and then back home again the habit just seems to have slipped a little bit. BUT the good news is that my new gym does 3 yoga classes a week and I am definitely going to sign up for 2 of them so that I can get my Zen on twice a week.

It’s such a good opportunity to unwind, stretch it out and get some good deep breaths in. If you’ve never done Yoga before but want to try it, I would recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Specifically her 30 Days of Yoga is really good to get you into it to learn the poses and start practicing your flow.

Travel (even more…)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good holiday. I usually go on around 4-5 holidays a year and this year is no different. I have already booked a 3 week trip to travel around Thailand for March, and I cannot wait! Aside from Thailand I’m also planning trips to Poland, Croatia, Lisbon, and a cosy, relaxing getaway to Centre Parcs in Nottingham with my girlfriends.

Blog more…

Because I used to love blogging! I don’t even know why I stopped but it’s been almost a year and think it’s about time I put this domain name to use. Expect to see more of me!

Focus on “me”

This year I want to take some time out and just focus on who I am as a person. After spending so long in education and then working my butt off to get a career, I feel that it’s time I put myself first and figure out exactly what makes me happy. My career and personal life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs over the last 18 months and now its really time to chill out and focus on ME… if I can work out who I am as a person that would be fantastic!

What are your New Years Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


Blurring the lines between Marketing and Design

I decided to study Marketing and Advertising at university as I come from a business background but I’m also quite creative. However, I didn’t realise that some content of my degree would actually require me to be skilled at designing visual content and using programs such as Photoshop and InDesign!

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University Project: Branding Through Celebrity Endorsements

Another semester almost finished, which means I’ve almost completed my degree in Marketing and Advertising! Last term I had a project to look at the Marketing Strategy of Ryanair, and this term I had a project to look at Branding Through Celebrity Endorsements.

For this project I chose the car company Volkswagen, as they have recently faced quite a tough time in the media with their car emissions scandals. I envisioned that they could try and get the company back on track by using a celebrity endorser as part of their branding strategy.

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Final Year Pressures

I’m sat here around the pool writing this blog article after my first term of my final year at university. It’s safe to say that this “break” is 150% needed. The reason I say “break” with speech marks is because although I am having a break, I have swapped the typical holiday read for my dissertation topic text books…

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Fabulous Afternoon Tea

A few months ago I visited the Sanderson in London for my Nan’s birthday. We went there for the Alice in Wonderland themed Afternoon Tea! It was by far the best and quirkiest afternoon tea I’ve had.

The reason I am blogging about this now is because, one, I forgot to blog about it at the time, and two, it’s a great gift experience to buy for a friend or family member for Christmas.

So, what’s included?

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