My Favourite Bar in Derby

As you are new to Derby and have probably only seen the recommended places to go for drinks such as Walkabout, Lola Lo’s and Revolution, I thought I would share with you my favourite bar which can easily be missed when walking down Friar Gate…

Fat Cat (or Fat Kitten as we like to refer to it) is located on the left hand side of Friar Gate as if you were walking from your halls of residences. It can easily be missed due to the plants and tree’s placed in front of the beer garden.

They recently went under refurbishment and the décor looks amazing. It’s so quirky and upmarket with patterned wallpaper, funky photo frames and caged light bulbs. The outside area has also been refurbed and the fake grass makes it look like the garden in the Big Brother House! With the refurb came a new menu also, with improved dishes and the addition of gourmet burgers and pizzas.

Photo Credit @fatcatderby
Photo Credit @fatcatderby

I went to Fat Cat shortly after it re-opened and had the Black and Blue burger, which was smothered in blue cheese (not everyone’s cup of tea!) and it was a strong contender against the other gourmet burger restaurants in Derby.

Now, the best thing for students with this bar is that they offer 50% discount off food for Derby students. So, whether you and your mates go for dinner, or for a hangover breakfast you can do it on the cheap.

The bar itself is open all day every day until late and is open until 2am on both Fridays and Saturdays. I like the fact you can go there for a quiet drink during the day in the beer garden, or go there on the weekends when it is packed out with students as well as locals. They always have a DJ in there and if the upstairs bar hasn’t been booked for an event then this is also open as a dance floor.

Photo Credit @fatcatderby
Photo Credit @fatcatderby

On a Tuesday they have 50% off food and certain drinks, and on Sundays they offer 2 roast dinners and a bottle of wine for £10 per person. If you are anything like me then you will miss the traditional roast dinner on a Sunday and will appreciate the roast dinner without the washing up!

They have a range of beers on draught including Fosters and Amstel, and have an extensive list of cocktails to suit everyone. Whilst the offer the standard cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Pornstar Martini and Daiquiri’s, they also have some weirder and wilder ones too. My personal favourite has to be the Drumstick cocktail which comes with a Drumstick lollipop in the straw and tastes just like the sweet.

Photo Credit @fatcatderby
Photo Credit @fatcatderby

They also recently started offering “Boozy Milkshakes” with 5 new flavours being launched at £4.50 per shake.

Fat Cat have also started to do Champagne Afternoon Tea and I tried this for my birthday. The amount of food we got for the price we paid was ridiculous (£20 for two people).

The sandwiches were Cucumber, Italian Meats and Salmon, and the cakes were all made in house and included fairy cakes and part baked brownies. We hadn’t finished our food because the amount was ridiculous, and they foiled it up and let us take it all home.

Afternoon Tea at Fat Cat
Afternoon Tea at Fat Cat
Afternoon Tea at Fat Cat
Afternoon Tea at Fat Cat

To find out more about Fat Cat you can view their Facebook Page here:

But my recommendation is to visit them to find out more!


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