6 things you might need for a “Pick Me Up”

If you know me well then you’ll know that over the Christmas period I was in desperate need of a “Pick Me Up” and I sure as hell got picked up and now I am totally 100% back on track with my life (I think?). I thought I’d do the right thing and share my methods of some natural Pick Me Up’s as I’m well aware most of you are stressed out with something in your life, mostly dissertations.

Eat Clean(er)

It seems obvious and everyone tells you that you need to eat “brain food” to help with concentration and productivity… But it really does work. Swap your sweets and chocolate for tons of fruit and you will feel so much better. If you do have sudden cravings for chocolate try to stick to dark chocolate because it’s meant to be a lot better for you than milk or white.

Plus, cut the carbs. This is what happens when we eat carbs:

*Before eating carbs* OMG I NEED CARBS

*During eating carbs* Wow this feels so good

*After eating carbs* WTF I am so bloated and fat why did I do that?

Basically, eating carbs never ends well. If you are already feeling down, try to avoid carbs as this will just add to your long list of problems!

Drink Clean(er)

If you are anything like me then you’ll love alcohol and caffeine which are both bad for you in times of stress…

Did you know that alcohol is a depressive? Yeah, I know it feels great to go out get smashed and forget all your worries but when you finally come back round the next day, you ultimately feel like crap physically and mentally. It’s best to keep control over the drinking if it’s a hard time, purely because of the way it makes you feel in the morning.

When you are feeling down or stressed a lot of people ask you to come round for a cuppa and tell them what’s up, but try and keep tea and coffee to a minimum. Swap the caffeine for herbal teas or green tea – it’s so much better for you! I’m not saying completely give up caffeine, I would NEVER do that. Just saying, try and balance it out.

Work Out!

Ok, I don’t want you to become some crazy gym freak but working out actually makes you feel good about yourself. Yes, I know it makes you out of breath and sweaty, but you feel so much better afterwards! I find that little workouts done often help me, and I usually squeeze 40 minute sessions into my lunch hour. It breaks the day up, gets me out of the office and gets me moving.

Even just being more active in your daily life will make you feel good. It’s often too easy to just take the lift and be lazy, but you need to find the motivation to take the stairs, walk to work and generally get off your arse!

I also find walking very therapeutic. If you need to clear your head or let off some steam; go for a walk! Anywhere. Take in the fresh air and then return with a better mind set.

Listen to Classic

Okay, call me crazy but this one actually works. We often sit there doing work listening to chart music, when really all it does is distract us. Plus, have you ever properly listened to any of the songs in the charts? Ever noticed how they are all related to relationships, love, and partying!? Definitely not what we want to be listening to when we are down or stressed!

Trust me, put Classic FM on and just take in the wonderful noises. I bet you can work so much more effectively with this music compared to with the UK top 40.


Being organised is one of the best things. I’m not talking OCD organised, I just mean get into a routine you are comfortable with so that your life is in order and not scattered all over the place. Make sure you know when and where you are supposed to be so you are never late or rushed. Make a list of the things you need to do and work out when you will do them. Make sure you can fit everything in! Ultimately that will just make you a little bit more stress free and run smoother.

Read a Book

I get that you are probably really busy and have so many more interesting things to do, but reading really, really helps. Swap your current Netflix series for a book and you’ll feel great. Reading takes your mind COMPLETELY off of your troubles. Watching TV is so passive and not interactive so the amount of things running around your mind whilst you watch episode after episode will not make you feel better in the slightest. How could you possibly think about your own stress if you are reading about someone else’s life?

I have read a few over the last few months and my personal recommendations are Grey, Girl on the Train and Gone Girl.

Loved Ones

Ultimately, I was truly helped through my stress by my loved ones. You really need to surround yourself with friends and family who love you endlessly. They physically can’t make you feel better but they can be the motivation to kick start your Pick Me Up. If you don’t live with them, don’t panic, that’s fine. We live in the 21st century and have access to all kinds of mediums to catch up with loved ones like FaceTime and Skype. Those who mean the most will show themselves at this hard time, and if they don’t they aren’t real friends.

Everyone gets stressed and everyone gets through stress. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, focus on that and use some of these tips to get yourself a natural Pick Me Up!



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