10 Hilariously Annoying things about living in a student house

During my second year of university I lived in a shared student house with 7 of my friends; so many people, I know! But looking back at it now, there really was 10 hilariously annoying things, that today I can laugh at, but at the time were so annoying *sigh*. If you live in a student house you’ll probably be able to relate to all of these, and if you are thinking about living in a student house don’t let me put you off…

The hallway looking like a shoe shop

You’d of thought that students were actually too lazy to take their shoes off when walking into the house? No, everyone seemed to take their shoes off at the front door! Although this was easier so the floors didn’t get so dirty, it did make the hallway look like a shoe shop. I had trouble most days finding my own shoes, and I’m pretty sure we all just borrowed each others.

And a mail room

Not only was the hallway filled with shoes, but it was also filled with tons and tons of mail. It was either mail for previous tenants, takeaway leaflets or pure junk mail. We only ever sifted through it every few weeks when we decided to tidy the hallway and even then it all just ended up in the bin! It was the norm to tread all over the mail when you walked through the front door.

Hot water

We had 8 en suite bathrooms in our house and for some reason we all wanted to shower at the same time. This would mean a lucky dip draw for the person with the best hot water temperature and water pressure. It was like a mean game as to who would get scolded, who would end up with freezing cold water and who would win with a luxurious normal shower. The same applied if someone flushed the toilet whilst you were trying to shower…


Students are notoriously known for being dirty, particularly in the kitchen. We were so lucky that we had a dishwasher in our student house and so the dirty kitchen problem should not even be a problem… Oh, but it was! Hilariously laughable now, but we all failed to actually load the dishwasher… Students will be students?

Random items of clothing

Literally, everywhere. We were also lucky to have two washing machines in our house, sadly no tumble dryers. This meant clothes were hung absolutely everywhere to dry, and if someone else wanted to hang their clothes, they would simply remove the clothes from the clothes horse and dump them wherever. This resulted in everyones clothing getting mixed up and a bag full of clothes at the end of the year that apparently belonged to no one, including a pair of women’s size 10 black jeans which one of the boys once mistook for his own and walked around the house wearing them to ask who they belonged to…


Trying to recycle properly was hard because everything seemed to end up in the recycling bin. We had normal bins for normal rubbish, but I guess it was easier to just fling tea bags, vegetables and egg shells into an open top recycling bin. The only thing easy for us to properly recycle was the mess from after a night out. It was simple to shove all bottles and cans into one bag and dump them in the recycling bin outside!

Landlord visits

They always seem to turn up at an inconvenient time? They always let you know when they’ll be coming but as a student you’ll either be sleeping, at university or just generally doing something you don’t want them to walk in on… Regardless, the whole house always looks bad and you are never in the mood for unwelcome guests.

Blackpool Illuminations

This is a term commonly used by parents when a child leaves a light on by accident… “It’s like bloody Blackpool Illuminations in here, turn all these lights off”. This applies to a student house. I’m not quite sure why, but we all just sort of think “Someone else will do it” and this is also the thought process for turning off lights late at night. It doesn’t even matter if you do turn the light out, someone else will still turn it on and forget to turn it off. Obviously we ended up with a huge electricity bill…

Avoiding mess

I mean, we all did it at some point, including me. The most common mess avoided was from pre drinks, where for days on end you would completely disregard the umpteen empty/ half drunk bottles of beer and vodka, tons of dirty cups and mugs, and more annoyingly the 52 cards bound to the table by alcohol… UNTIL… someone takes one for the team, acknowledges the mess, and cleans it up!

Living in a student house is a great experience, although I did have to grin and bear some of the things on this list. Don’t let it put you off, enjoy it whilst you can!


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