(Unrealistic) Christmas Wishlist

Do you remember what it was like to be a child at Christmas? I used to get so excited about writing a list of all the things I wanted from Santa. I even used to circle the Argos catalogue for all the gifts I wanted to receive! Then when I was a teenager I kind of lost all interest in Christmas. Never knew what I wanted and always ended up with money… god only knows what I ended up spending that money on.

Now, I’m 22 years old, a poor student and the amount of things I would treat myself to if I could is literally endless. So, here’s my (very unrealistic) Christmas wish-list!

Michael Kors Backpack

I’ve had my eyes on this backpack for ages. I first spotted it in August when I was looking for a new backpack for the start of my final year at University, but obviously the price point is ridiculous – £310 for the large leather backpack. (I opted for a New Look one instead…)

They are absolutely gorgeous and the quality of the product shines through. The nude colours for spring are amazing and the black is a staple piece for winter.

Shop Michael Kors Backpacks here

Adidas NMD _R1

I am a trainer freak. I love them! I’ve been lusting over these since I first spotted them on Instagram, and until recently they have been out of stock everywhere. BUT… They’re back in stock in certain colours but I just can’t bring myself to spend £100 on a pair of shoes right now!

My personal favourites are:

Shop NMD’s on Zalando here.

Pandora Rings

These are a go-to present for girls at Christmas – but strangely I’ve never received one! This year I’ve become obsessed with them after I’ve seen a few of my friends stacking them up like there’s no tomorrow.

My top picks for Pandora Rings are (but definitely not limited to!):

Prices of these rings shown are £30-£70.

Shop Pandora Rings here.

Jimmy Choo Vivy Sunglasses

I spotted these in Selfridges a few weeks back and they are absolutely to die for… at a staggering price of £420, these sunglasses are a staple accessory to add a bit of glamour to any outfit.

The amount of detail in the jewels is fascinating. I tried them on in Selfridges, and granted, they do take over your whole face but they are just too good to let that bother me. The jewel part of the sunglasses can also be taken off, so pretty versatile for £420 if you ask me…

Shop Vivy Sunglasses here.

Victoria’s Secret – Rompers

I don’t like the word Romper, so I’m going to call it a shorts-onesie. But their “shorts-onesies” are on FIRE at the moment. Their lace ones are crazy sexy but my all time favourites has to be their Satin Rompers that retail at around £45.

They look (and probably feel) so good! Perfect to wear in bed or to lounge about in when you want to feel good.

Shop Victoria’s Secret Rompers here.

So that’s my Unrealistic Christmas Wish-List! If you could have anything you wanted for Christmas what would it be? Let me know in the comments!


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