Office Festivities

This year in the office we changed up Christmas a little bit; here’s how…

Operation Christmas child

We swapped our usual secret santa between us all, to operation Christmas child. This is something that, unfortunately, you can’t get involved with now, as the deadline has passed. BUT!!! Definitely consider doing it next year…

I had to buy for a 10-14 year old boy, and wow this was hard. Like, what does a 10-14 year old boy want for Christmas?! I followed the guidelines on the sheet, just to be safe. But there was something strangely satisfying about buying presents for a complete stranger, that just completely warmed my heart.

Inside the box went the presents, and also a couple of sheets of paper that are provided, including a sheet all about me, where I live, what my house looks like and a self portrait! Of course, that was a fun activity in the office.

The rest of the team all had different age groups and we made sure we covered all bases so each child would receive different gifts from each of us. When we sent the boxes off we provided them with our email addresses, and after Christmas they will pop us an email to let us know where our boxes ended up.

Find out more about Operation Christmas Child here.

DIY Christmas gifts

We also decided to send our clients some Christmas goodies! We came across the idea on LinkedIn where the piping bags were full of hot chocolate ingeedients; almost like a deconstructed hot chocolate in the shape of a reindeer.

Instead, we decided to fill the reindeer with pic n mix… Everyone loves a pic n mix!

Myself and Georgia had a field day visiting the sweets store getting all the goodies for our clients. After that it was like a santas workshop where each person was responsible for a different aspect of the reindeer.

The finished product was amazing and we managed to make about 80 reindeers full of sweets – and there was some left over for us, our friends and family… bonus!!

For next year we are even thinking about turning the design up side down and switching the colours up to look like a Santa Claus!

Christmas Do

This year for our Christmas Do we headed to the Blacksmiths Loft on Friar Gate, Derby. The food was outstanding! 

For starters I had duck liver pate, which was served with some oatcakes and mini gherkins. For my main I opted for the dish called ‘Pig Pig Pig’. A trio of pork; pork belly, faggot and pork tenderloin. It was also served with Black Pudding – which I have never tried before, but loved it! For dessert I choose the white chocolate and cranberry bread and butter pudding… It was out of this world!

Honestly, the photos don’t even do it justice. Find out more about Blacksmiths Loft here.

I was so grateful to be in the office this year for Christmas, as I wasn’t able to be there last year, so this year was my first proper Christmas at DEM and it was so lovely!



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