University Project: Ryanair

After getting a project back that I completed before Christmas, I thought I’d share with you my final piece that got me a First Class Grade! (Also my highest grade so far… not bragging or anything…)

The project itself was to critically analyse traditional and contemporary marketing strategies, and compare and contrast academic’s views throughout a literature review. We then had to pick a company of our choice (I chose Ryanair), and analyse the company’s various marketing activities.

Based on our knowledge of traditional and contemporary marketing strategies from part one of the project, we then had to implement new marketing strategies for the company of our choice. This part of the project had to be in the form of a creative brochure, which I was excited to produce as it was different to the every day academic literature we are required to write!

You can see my brochure for Ryanair below, and although it contains a lot of marketing jargon that you may or may not understand, try and give it a read via the link!


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