University Project: Branding Through Celebrity Endorsements

Another semester almost finished, which means I’ve almost completed my degree in Marketing and Advertising! Last term I had a project to look at the Marketing Strategy of Ryanair, and this term I had a project to look at Branding Through Celebrity Endorsements.

For this project I chose the car company Volkswagen, as they have recently faced quite a tough time in the media with their car emissions scandals. I envisioned that they could try and get the company back on track by using a celebrity endorser as part of their branding strategy.

The celebrity endorser that I chose to use for Volkswagen is actually a celebrity couple; Rochelle and Marvin Humes! I felt that they both reflected and enhanced Volkswagen’s brand personality as they are seen as a down-to-earth, family orientated and likeable couple.

The celebrity couple also had to improve the brand perceptions of Volkswagen, and so lots of different marketing models were used for this including:

  • Brand Audit
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Elements of Added Value
  • Brand Typologies
  • Dimensions of Self Concept

Although it may seem relatively easy to match up a celebrity to a brand, it took lots of harder work to understand and explain exactly why I had chosen Rochelle and Marvin. The models provided a great academic underpinning for this report, and set out to further explain some aspects of branding that my degree hadn’t yet touched on.

The module was assessed by a creative theme board (see below) and a written report to support and explain the models showcased on the theme board.

Brand Impact Module Theme Board

Why don’t you have a go and see if you can match up any brands to celebrities and let me know who and why in the comments?!


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