A week in the life of a Senior Marketing Assistant

I’ve been working for the University of Derby Online Learning for just over 3 months now and wanted to share my experiences so far as I’m settling into my Senior Marketing Assistant role. This week has been a particularly interesting week at work and entailed all aspects of marketing, so I’ve laid it all bare for you to see…


Monday was a normal day in the office; emails, meetings, etc. It was also a day to catch up as I was out of the office on annual leave the Friday before.

My general duties include managing and monitoring our marketing campaigns, speaking to students about their experiences, organising and planning internal and external events, and developing marketing communications.

Monday was all about organising marketing activity for our Perioperative Practice Conference, submitting design requests for collateral required for the Health and Wellbeing Conference which we are attending in March, and speaking to our Master’s in Education students about their experiences studying online.

In the afternoon, I attended a meeting to discuss activity that we can be involved with during Autism Awareness Week taking place on the 26th March – 2nd April. It was a great brainstorming session, and it was exciting to confirm our Facebook Live Session that will be taking place on the 26th March at 2pm, when our Mental Health and Autism professionals will be chatting about the condition from different perspectives.


Tuesday started with a commute on the train and a bike ride to work as the weather was nice and I wanted to get some fresh air, as the rest of the day was going to be spent in a studio!

As part of the marketing for our online courses we were spending Tuesday filming our academics introducing their programs. These will be used in our campaigns, on YouTube and they are also a key component to our course web pages. We already have videos on our website, but we are continually looking for ways to develop and enhance our filmed collateral.


Although I was only sat monitoring the video process, it was actually tiring! I was so focused on what the academics were saying and making sure that it flowed correctly that I didn’t realise just how hard I was concentrating.

After the filming finished it was back to the main office and time for our Discovering Online Learning Webinar. My colleague led on the presentation, which goes into detail about our Online Learning department and explains exactly how you can study for your degree with the University 100% online, whilst I chipped in at the end on the Q&A session.


After a bike ride and a train journey home, it was time for a quick dinner and a sleep before getting up for another day at work on Wednesday!


Wednesday was a real mix of a day. The first few hours were spent in the office catching up on work I missed on Tuesday from when I was filming, and the second part of my day was spent travelling to another University’s open day…

Competitor research is an activity that every company, business and organisation undertakes and it can be quite influential in business decisions. Within a university setting it’s exactly the same; with student choice being higher than ever, it’s so important to be on top form when it comes to competitor analysis.

I travelled to another university to see how their online department shaped up compared to ours at their open days, as part of my development is to focus on how our open days can evolve in the future. Exploring other universities and checking out the competition is a great way to kick off this project.

It was a great evening getting the inside knowledge, but after a half an hour train delay on the way home, I was more than ready to jump into bed and get some shut eye before another day at work.


Thursday was only a half day in the office for me as I had worked late on Tuesday and Wednesday and could take some time in lieu. I started the day at work undertaking some training using our new webinar software, which was very exciting.

We got to learn all about the software and have a trial run using it, and by the time this was finished it was time for an afternoon of chill and relaxation.

This was my chance to meet up with a friend, have a fattening lunch at McDonalds, and do some retail therapy. When I got home I was overdue a candle lit bath and an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


Dress down Friday in the office gives off massive chill vibes, which is the opposite of my day! First thing it was time to pack up all the materials we needed for our Open Day that was taking place on Saturday, and get them sent over to the main campus ready for me to set up in the afternoon.


Then, it was onto having phone calls with our students on various courses to discuss their situations and student experiences. Having these calls with our students helps me to understand why our students decide to study online and how our programmes have helped their careers. All of this information is then translated into a student story and published on our website and social media channels to inspire prospective students. All I can say is that we have students with extraordinary stories!


Just before I headed home for the weekend I went up to the main campus and set up for our open day. There was no right way to dress the table, but after visiting the competitor open day earlier in the week, I had a good idea of the way I wanted it to look!


At the end of an interesting and varied week of work, it was time to wind down for the weekend the right way; curry and movie night! Cheers, to my first few months at the University of Derby Online Learning, and here’s to many more…


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