Office Festivities

This year in the office we changed up Christmas a little bit; here’s how…

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Travel Diary: Brussels

So, our first day travelling Europe meant taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels. I can’t even explain to you how excited I was to start this journey!

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Fabulous Afternoon Tea

A few months ago I visited the Sanderson in London for my Nan’s birthday. We went there for the Alice in Wonderland themed Afternoon Tea! It was by far the best and quirkiest afternoon tea I’ve had.

The reason I am blogging about this now is because, one, I forgot to blog about it at the time, and two, it’s a great gift experience to buy for a friend or family member for Christmas.

So, what’s included?

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(Unrealistic) Christmas Wishlist

Do you remember what it was like to be a child at Christmas? I used to get so excited about writing a list of all the things I wanted from Santa. I even used to circle the Argos catalogue for all the gifts I wanted to receive! Then when I was a teenager I kind of lost all interest in Christmas. Never knew what I wanted and always ended up with money… god only knows what I ended up spending that money on.

Now, I’m 22 years old, a poor student and the amount of things I would treat myself to if I could is literally endless. So, here’s my (very unrealistic) Christmas wish-list!

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4 Benefits of Working for an SME

When searching for jobs a lot of people turn to the biggest brands they know first, because of the brand reputation and how good it looks on your CV. However, what some people don’t think about is the added benefits they could gain from working for an SME (small medium enterprise).

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Pro’s and Con’s of a Placement Year

It’s coming round to the time when second year university students start applying or having interviews for a placement year, and most people are weighing up the pro’s and con’s of doing one. Speaking from experience, there are 3 main pro’s and 3 main con’s to a placement year…

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10 Hilariously Annoying things about living in a student house

During my second year of university I lived in a shared student house with 7 of my friends; so many people, I know! But looking back at it now, there really was 10 hilariously annoying things, that today I can laugh at, but at the time were so annoying *sigh*. If you live in a student house you’ll probably be able to relate to all of these, and if you are thinking about living in a student house don’t let me put you off…

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6 things you might need for a “Pick Me Up”

If you know me well then you’ll know that over the Christmas period I was in desperate need of a “Pick Me Up” and I sure as hell got picked up and now I am totally 100% back on track with my life (I think?). I thought I’d do the right thing and share my methods of some natural Pick Me Up’s as I’m well aware most of you are stressed out with something in your life, mostly dissertations.

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